corona virus covid-19 and you

I have seen in the past two weeks a slow down in my architectural office.

Mar 2, 20 10:39 am
Non Sequitur

欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品full steam ahead overhere.  Paranoia has not affected us one bit.  Only slow down in on material held in port.

Mar 2, 20 11:06 am

Officially discovered a vaccine for Corona Virus... Heineken..

Mar 2, 20 11:11 am

Art Fair in France supposed to open Friday postponed to June. Art Basel Hong Kong cancelled.

Mar 2, 20 12:28 pm

I have a trip to paris scheduled for the end of april.Image result for peta carnivorous coronavirus

欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品By then Europe will probably be on lockdown.


Dang, JLC. I guess this means no more prosciutto towels or carnitas handkerchiefs.


Lets all eat uncooked bats and snakes, to gain immunity.

Mar 2, 20 3:15 pm

欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品You first.

Interestingly from the above comments there is  no change in policy or business practice in our profession. I am waiting to see the daily victum numbers, which will indicate whether we could expect some lay off in our middle management positions.

Mar 2, 20 7:58 pm

Even better is if all the middle management dies of coronavirus!

I'm not overly concerned about getting sick, but I do think things are going to slow down, I think there will be an economic ripple effect.

Also I was on a cross-country flight two days last week, and I feel a little tickle in my throat tonight. If it feels bad in the morning I absolutely won't go to work - not worth the risk, just in case.

Mar 2, 20 9:18 pm

Fire the client for sure.

I googled COVID-19 symptoms and it sounds like it starts with fever, then coughing and shortness of breath. I have none of those, so I'm at work today.


欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品I would think the economic concern is really just china shutting down their production. they'll start it up again in about a week and everything will be fine

欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品Friend of mine was scheduled to go to a conference in Phoenix Arizona next week. The organizers just cancelled the conference due to coronavirus fears. So that's a lot of hotel, travel, and dining dollars that aren't being spent in the US.


I read a thing on the internet that the "elite" knew a recession was coming so they released the virus as a distraction. something about destruction of patriarchy is involved.


I received a check from a client whose kid is in a school that got shut down because a staff member got the virus. I proceeded to hand off the hot check to the local jurisdiction permit center to distribute the virus further...then I went out and bought every package of toilet paper left in costco...just doing my patriotic duty

is that hand sanitizer on that check or phlegm? 

Mar 3, 20 5:32 pm
Non Sequitur

I’m debating putting my spare dust masks on ebay. Going to make millions selling those bad boys now that stores are sold out.


欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品does anyone have any idea how universities would go about conducting studio classes if the universities were forced to close campuses? regular lectures could certainly be webcasted but i'm not sure how required studio-based classes could function without open access to tools like laser cutters and plotters.

Mar 3, 20 6:57 pm
Non Sequitur

^ velum, graphite, basswood, Olga blades, Welbond. Problem solved

Non Sequitur



Now I'm interested in Olga blades.


She's a difficult act to book.


欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品Sounds like a good name to my gril

Chad Miller

I'm a type 1 diabetic and I'm not worried at all even with a case of contravirus caused death only 60 miles from me.  

Oh and it hasn't effected the economy here at all. 

Mar 4, 20 10:58 am

欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品This will be a bad economic hit.  At least it will raise the importance of science and real news which has taken a horrible toll lately.

Mar 5, 20 10:25 am

You have a hopeful view of the American Peoples' ability to understand, let alone demand, real news and science.


欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品lol people in our office show up with fevers, and i know of at least one instance where an associate got an IV at urgent care then came back to the office to wrap up work on an internal deadline.  our profession is fucked.  

Mar 5, 20 11:21 am
Chad Miller

欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品Your office is fucked. The people you work with are idiots. For the love of the FSM find a new firm!

Non Sequitur

Hey there, leave His noodly appendages out this.

Chad Miller

欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品All hail his carbohydrates!

Non Sequitur



欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品What happens when a construction team gets Covid? It's one thing for us pencil-pushing architects to "telecommute" or some such nonsense, but someone has to haul that gyp up to the 3rd floor...When the first big construction site in a city gets the bug, everything will begin to seize up.

Mar 5, 20 1:07 pm

欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品sure, a trim carpenter doing his job with a video game controller.


That software must have some phenomenal tolerance or some fantastically large CYA clause in the EULA. Also, that video is hilarious. It's like a bearded kindergartner in a sandbox. What happens when the dinosaurs come to play?


JLC - they have remote-controlled robots that can stitch up a grape, but something tells me your average client isn't going to want to put out like that...


欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品Hope the world realizes what happens when we have put all our "manufacturing eggs" into the china basket. I hope that a lot of local manufacturing will start now.

Mar 5, 20 2:20 pm

hopefully it doesn’t spread in Canada. Hospitals are full as it is. If this spreads like wild fire there will be a lot of causilitites

Mar 5, 20 6:39 pm

Im not worrying about getting it as much as spreading it to my older family members and clients.  I definitely don’t see a slowdown, but definitely anticipate one coming soon.  Pandemics in a country like US with shitty insurance issues, shitty sick pay, etc will FUCK the economy.  I was talking to a nurse and she said they are bracing for an overload in the coming months.  

Mar 5, 20 8:40 pm
Philips Head

all the BOOMERs gonna die!

[frees up that social security issue, yay!]

Mar 6, 20 11:21 pm

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