Nicolas uwacu

Nicolas uwacu

Changsha, CN

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I’m well known for my attention to details and focus on handling the job at hand. I finished my bachelor with an architecture degree in architecture and art major in July,2019. I held 6 months internship at Hunan architectural design institute Ltd. Co. where i was acting as an architectural designer/drafter, personally and with a good team we would manage projects from initial design stage to completion with proven track record. I m very interested in putting my designing skill-set and architectural expertise in practice. I am confident that i possess the needed communication skills and convincing power to prove you that i can be an asset.


Hunan architectural institute欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品, Changsha, CN, intern architect

• Assisted with designing single and multi-family, health,
residential, and commercial projects.
• Completed accurate site measurements.
• Organized and maintained blueprint files.
• Created, printed and modified drawings in AutoCAD, Sketchup , etc ...
• Performed research on structures and materials.
• Studied local architectural regulations and codes to assist with designing.
• Attended all team meetings to resolve technical and project issues,
coordinate with team members and review project schedules.
• Devised overall strategy for documentation and identified the sheets
planned for each stage of the work
• Created, printed and modified drawings in AutoCAD, Sketchup , etc ...
• Reviewed project goals and objectives with the project manager
欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品and design team.

Oct 2018 - Feb 2019


Central South University欧美高清vjcossexo,新久久热在线视频精品, Changsha, CN, BArch, Architecture

Good combination of classes, lots of work which shaped me into a hard worker with time management skills, and a good idea on how to be a perfect team player.

Sep 2014 - Jul 2019

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